Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We are not live at

Over the past one month I got few mails from my friends asking why this blog was not up to date. Well, its been quite a while since I wrote articles here. In September 2009 we registered a new domain, and we have been posting there from then on.

So, its basically, our blog has moved to a new URL Please check the link for updates.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Visa Debit Card Problem.

Few of my friends told me that, Visa Debit Card is just a perfect card to use for shopping online and wonder what I'm having a problem with my Visa Debit Card which is associated with Indian Overseas Bank.

I got a Debit Card from Indian Overseas bank in chennai and planned to get a web hosting for my blog, from dreamhost. After completing the registration process the card is not giving access to payment, it shows some error. I cannot track the error. Any body who could track the problem and help me out here please.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is Windows Live Writer and Reasons why you should try it

I told you in my previous article that I got a new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, and the laptop comes with windows vista home edition. While I'm looking at the features of vista I happened to see an application called Windows Live Writer and I wondered what is application. I just clicked on the application to find something about it.


Fortunately I was connected to internet and it asked me to link to one of my blog. I gave the usename and password of my blog. It started to do something and I was wondering that something is happening and don't have any idea what's going on. The whole process is complete and I had to disconnect internet. I reopened the Live writer and found that that application extracted all my blog files and the source code of my  blogger blog to the local hard drive.


Which means I can View my blog offline, edit the code, write a blog post and draft it while I'm offline. I can also set when a particular post should be published.  Live writer also allows you to manage multiple blogs, Edit blog settings, switch between different blogs in seconds. Tools like spell check and word count comes handy too. You can save the drafts while you are offline and publish the post once you come online.


Inserting Hyperlinks, pictures, photo albums, tables, maps, tags and videos are made easy too.  You can also preview how your blog looks before publishing the post too. I seriously think that windows live writer would come handy to all the blogger users and wordpress and other platform uses can also find this interesting as well.

Airtel Mobile Free Internet Comes With Airtel Live

Well there are lot of mobile users in India who use airtel a lot. Most of my friends who use airtel ask me, hot to activate free Internet in airtel mobile and my answer is simple its airtel live.

Yes, airtel live allows you to access Internet for free they did not even charge you a single paise for that, how ever money will be deducted if you try to trick airtel to downloading something. However two different plans do exist to activate mobile Internet, Mobile office 10 Rupees pack and mobile office 20 Rupees pack.

How to activate airtel mobile Internet pack?
If you want to activate any of the airtel office packs (where 10 Rupees pack will allow you to download stuff for 3MB and 20 Rupees pack will allow you to download 8MB stuff.) all you need to do is call customer care and ask them to activate the pack you like. They will activate the pack and send the settings to your mobile. Save the settings they send you and browse the Internet. Once you are done your Internet connection will be lost and you have to follow the same process to activate Internet again.

Airtel free Internet does not help you that much, they will charge you for every download you start. So if you want to download something please activate any of the airtel Internet package and browse Internet. Hope you found this info useful. Please contact me if you have any more questions.

Dell Inspiron 15 My New Laptop

I've been blogging with my brother-in-law PC from the day I started this blog. Although my blog did not generate great money but, it certainly gave me lot of confidence and hope to blog more and more.


As time passed by my work load got increased and I had to sit more than 4 to 5 hours a day to finish my daily task. This resulted in a collapse in time schedule for both my brother-in-law and me. So I decided to get a new laptop to finish of my tasks in time.


I told my problem to my elder brother-in-law and the problem reached my dad and he got me a new dell inspiron laptop with in one week. The laptop has 15.6 HD display, with intel dual-core processor,3GB RAM and 160 GB hard disk. I'm very happy that I got a new laptop. Thanks to my Brother-in-law for understanding my problem and helping me solve the same. Don't forget my dad he's been the driving force behind my success a very very big thanks for him too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

7 Smashing Paperwork Pictures You Will Ever See

Welcome to the special edition of Internet Tomorrow's fun series. Although we are a technology blog, we are also very much interested to share some fun stuff once or twice a week to give our readers a relaxed feeling.

This is not our first post in this Fun series, as we have already posted an article before. So in this post we would like to show you some cool paperwork pictures that can really stun you for a while. So here we go. These pics are hosted at blogger, you can just click on the image to see the enlarged version.

Dancing Girl
Paper Bridge
Human Skeleton
Paper palace
paper snow balls
paper Bird

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Internet Tomorrow Will Be Shifted To Wordpress Very Soon

Finally we are back with a bang, we are glad to announce that Internet Tomorrow will be shifted to wordpress platform very soon.

We are very much satisfied with the blogger platform that we are using till now but, we always wanted to be at wordpress. It's our dream to be hosted at our own server. we stayed away from wordpress for some time because we faced some financial problem in the beginning stage of this blog and early this year too. Now that we can spend some money, we have decided to move to wordpress.

However, the date of the transfer is not yet confirmed, but we will launch our new wordpress blog very soon. The blog will be under the same domain and we are planning to host this blog at DreamHost. That's it for now, any latest updates will be posted later this month.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Every Moment is Precious Love It & Live It

Often I get some really cool messages from my friends, that inspires me a lot and keeps me relaxed for a few minutes. I always wanted to share them with my readers. I would also name it Fun Series and this is especially dedicated to all my fellow bloggers, friends and everybody who work hard in front of their desktop and earn money to feed themselves..

What will you do when u see a small baby constructing a sand house in a beach ? When a beautiful butterfly sits on your finger ? when your mother waits for you until you reach home with out eating ? when a small baby touches your face with his/her tiny little figures ? When you see your windows covered with dew in a rainy season on a holiday ? when you meet your old friend whom you love and missed unfortunately ?

Words are not enough to describe such feelings..!! Every such moment is precious.. Love it and Live it.